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One of the primary functions of the WAOC is fundraising for the Australian Olympic Team.

Fundraising towards Tokyo 2020 planning is well underway and we look forward to engaing with WA business and community to deliver our fundraising target of $1,000,000 to go towards the costs of sending oour Athletes to Tokyo.

In 2016 our signature fundraising event was the Inaugural Premier's Olympic Dinner on Saturday 9 July at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Premier’s Olympic Dinner was an evening of celebration with nearly 900 guests in attendance including 100 Olympians from 2016 and years gone by. Western Australia celebrated the extraordinary achievement of our athletes being selected on the 2016 Australian Olympic Team and formally bid farewell to our WA based athletes as they continued on their Road to Rio.

Being held only once every four years the exclusive Premier’s Olympic Dinner is the highlight on Perth’s social and sporting calendars.

The Black Tie Rio Carnival themed Dinner was also an important fundraiser to help send our athletes to compete on the world stage at the Olympic Games. The Australian Olympic Committee is responsible for sending the Olympic Team to Rio and the $20m required is raised through fundraising, sponsorship, and Government support. The Olympic Team Appeal Committee WA successfully fundraised close to their $800,000 target.

Fundraising in WA is led by the Team Appeal Committee who oversee the conduct of numerous ongoing and one-off projects in conjunction with the State Government, Team Sponsors, the corporate community and the wider community.

This Committee, comprising of business people and Sponsor representatives is committed to ensuring our athletes have the opportunity to perform at their best while competing at the Olympic Games.

Since 1992, the WA Appeal has contributed nearly $5 million to the National Appeal through a variety of events and facilitation of donations.

All funds raised by the AOC and the WAOC go towards “the preparation, participation and recognition of members of Australia’s Olympic Teams”.

Preparation: includes AOC Funding Grants to assist each athlete in maximising their training potential and to provide them with the funding to undertake international competition and enhance their chances of qualifying for team selection.

Participation: includes travel, accommodation, uniforms, sporting equipment, and living allowances for all athletes competing at the Olympic Games.




Mr Graham Moss (Acting Chairman in the interim)


 Mr John Driscoll  Seven West Media
 Mr Ron Eacott  Expo Group
 Mr Paul Eteen-Bliss  Community Newspaper Group
 Mr David Fardon  Linneys
 Mr Peter Harris  PPR Communications
 Ms Kirstin Mardardy  Seven West Media
 Mr Simon Martin  Allied Healthcare
 Mr Lloyd Meredith  Consultant
 Mr Sunil Narula  Chemist Warehouse
 Mr Chris O'Brien  Liquorbarons
 Mr Craig Robson  EY
 Ms Karen Teong  Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
 Mr Andrew Vlahov  Sunrise Energy Group


Mr Denis McInerney
Mr Michael Mitchell
Mr Ray Turner AM
Mr Tim Ungar
Mr Gavin Walton
Hon Richard Court AC
Mr Deane Pieters