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Olympic Education

A very important part of the SAOC's charter is the focus on education – both with the community and the school system. This is a means of diffusing to the public the spirit of the Olympic movement, its ideals and philosophy.

The SA Olympic Council also supports both Primary and Secondary Schools by assisting to arrange for Olympians to attend school speech nights, sports awards, school assemblies and general school visits throughout South Australia. Our Olympic athletes are seen as heroes by these children and act as wonderful role models for our future Olympic Champions.

Olympic Education Initiatives

Pierre de Coubertin Awards

Since their inception in 1993, the Pierre de Coubertin Awards have seen the involvement of hundreds of schools across Australia.

Every South Australian school is invited to nominate one student in years 11 or 12 for the Pierre de Coubertin Award. This award is presented to students all around Australia, from the Olympic Council in each state and is also internationally recognised. The Award aims to highlight and promote student participation in a variety of sports and physical education and seeks to recognize and reward in young people the qualities of fair play, positive attitude, leadership and consistency of effort.

There is also a literary or artistic component to the Award where those nominating for an Award are asked to express their thoughts about an aspect of the Olympic Movement and what it means to them. This has in the past included artistic, musical and literary work in a range of different styles. Student's work has demonstrated a diversity of thoughts and emotions, including an appreciation of the achievements of Australian Olympians, their own vision for the future and expressions which reflect the excitement of the build up and preparation for an Olympic Games and the thrill and passion of the ultimate sporting competition.

The Award has been highly valued by the school communities, and recognises exemplary students who may not necessarily be elite performers in the sporting arena. The Pierre de Coubertin Awards have been administered through the South Australian Olympic Council with support from the South Australian Government.

For more information on the Award head to the Australian Olympic Eduation website. 


A.S.P.I.R.E. School Network

Click here for information about the a.s.p.i.r.e. school network, the Australian Olympic Committee’s national education program for primary educators, designed to instil in young Australians an appreciations for the values, spirit and philosophy of the Olympic Movement.