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Olympians Club of SA

About the SA Olympians Club

  •     All states in Australia have their own Olympians Club
  •     The SA Olympians Club is managed by a voluntary Committee elected by South Australian Olympians at the Annual General Meeting
  •     Office bearers are appointed for 4 years
  •     The current committee comprises of a President, Secretary, Treasurer and 4 Committee Members.
  •     The South Australian Club was formed in 1994 and the Inaugural President was Michael Turtur, 1984 Olympic Gold Medallist.
  •     All South Australian Olympians automatically become members when selected in an Australian Olympic Team for either Summer or Winter Olympics
  •     There are no membership fees


  •     Create friendship among Olympians of all ages.
  •     Foster the Olympic Movement and Olympic ideals within South Australia with presentations and attendances at schools and sporting functions
  •     Recognise all South Australian Olympians and their contribution to the community
  •     To hold functions from time to time to raise funds
  •     Organize the Annual Olympians Club Dinner.
  •     Support present and future Olympians with financial contributions made from funds generated by the Club. This includes “scholarships” awarded to two young, promising Athletes presented each year and the Ron O’Donnell Medal presented each Quadrennium to an outstanding Olympian of that period.
  •     To act as role models and mentors for young athletes
  •     Presence at the Premiers Games Appeal Dinner each year to assist the South Australian Olympic Council raise funds for the Australian Olympic Team for the Quadrennium
  •     Promote the Pierre de Coubertin Awards in Secondary Schools and present the Awards to successful students.
  •     President to represent the Club at Australian Olympic Committee AGM in Sydney and other meetings when requested. 
  •     Olympians Club has representation at South Australian Olympic Council Executive Board Meetings through the President of the Club who is, by Constitution, a member of the SAOC Executive.


Stuart O'Grady OAM (1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 Cycling)

Margie Barry ( 2004, 2008, Team Chiropractor - Cycling )

Tory Toogood (1996, Rowing) 

Leon Gregory (1956, Athletics)
Rachel Bugg (2012, Diving
Raf Sterk (2000, 2004, 2008, Water Polo)
Sally Hunter (2008, 2012 Swimming)
John Heard (1964, Basketball)


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