About Us

In the pursuit of athletic excellence, each and every athlete selected in the Australian Olympic Team has endured a life time of personal sacrifice - testing their minds and bodies in a relentless personal battle of training and competition.

Fortunately for the athletes, there exists a vast network of support to aid their ambitions of competing at the Games to their fullest potential.

This network extends from the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) through to all Australian States and their respective State Councils. The New South Wales Olympic Council (NSWOC) is an integral element in this team.

Just as the AOC has the role of ensuring the best possible Australian Team is presented at the start line at each Olympic Games – so too does the NSWOC have the role of aiding this process.

The NSWOC is charged with two primary functions:

  • to raise funds to support the Australian Olympic Team; and
  • to promote the Olympic Movement.

Fundraising is done via a wide range of corporate and public functions held in the four years between each summer Olympic Games. NSW will begin fundraisng for the 2020 Team again in the second half of the quadrennium from 2018.

Promoting the Olympic Movement is a continuing process, strongly linked through education.

The ‘Pierre De Coubertin Award scheme’ is a beacon of this educational program, recognising outstanding Year 12 students for their ‘sporting excellence’ and - just as importantly - their ‘sportsmanship’, through certificates and academies.

In 2017, New South Wales had a total of 316 Award recipients for the Pierre de Coubertin Awards this was an increase from 2016.

Just as Australia has a proud history of competing at the Olympic Games, so too does the NSW Olympic Council have a proud history of making a difference for nearly 100 years (since 1911) in preparing Australian Olympic Teams.

Once the athletes approach the start lines in Rio, the competition is theirs for the taking. The NSWOC is proud to support their journey.