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Silver Scotty at Snowmass Halfpipe World Cup

14 January 2018

SNOWBOARD HALFPIPE: Scotty James has claimed silver at the Halfpipe World Cup finals in Snowmass, Colorado following what was described by commentators as the “most impressive event in the history of Snowboarding”.

After spending much of the day at the bottom of the leader board with American gold medallist Shaun White, the 2017 World Champion dropped into the pipe for an exceptional final run which would see him receive a best score of 96.25.

Japan’s Yuto Totsuka finished the day in third place with 94.50, while a perfect score of 100 from White saw James finish second.

“It was a long day, a lot of nerves,” the 23-year-old said.

“The switchback twelve is something I’ve been working on and something that’s never been done before so it definitely got me mentally the past couple of competitions, but I was very stoked and over the moon to put it down.

“I was just happy to come away and land a run pretty much.”


In typical James style, he donned his quintessential red boxing gloves for the final run.

“My red gloves are just a bit of a tradition of mine, just my boxing gloves – boxing kangaroo,” he said.

“I wear them all the time, every finals I have them on – that’s it, it’s my mojo.”

Referred to in 2017 as ‘the most popular Australian sports star in America’, James described how he felt it was “quite hard to beat these Americans at these US qualifying events”.

Across a variety of different sports and events Australia’s winter athletes are proving that they’re a group capable of medal results against the very best.

“Australia, more now than ever in my career, I can really feel the energy and the camaraderie coming from them and I really appreciate it,” James said.


It’s been a great weekend in Snowmass for Australia, with 17-year-old Tess Coady claiming the country’s first ever medal in a Snowboard Slopestyle World Cup.

Referring to Coady’s achievement, James added that he can’t wait to watch the young gun’s career.

“It was so cool watching Tess Coady get third yesterday, I’m so happy for her and I know what that feels like when you get your first podium on a big competition,” he said.

“I’m really happy for her and I’m really excited to watch her career, I’m just excited and it’s only the beginning.”

David Barden

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