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Shelley Watts brings fighting spirit to local schools for Olympic Day

25 June 2018

OLYMPIC DAY: Last Saturday, the world celebrated the 70th annual Olympic Day by getting active, practising Olympic values and learning more about the Olympic dream!

Activities were planned for Olympic Day around the world, and Australia was no exception with school visits, hospital visits and sport workshops during the week leading up to Olympic Day.

Rio 2016 Olympian Shelley Watts took the Olympic Day activities to the extreme, participating in five school visits in just three days in her local community.

With a highly engaging talk and a fun boxing skills class, Watts was a hot commodity in and around her home town of Port Macquarie, NSW.


“I couldn’t decide on just one school to attend for Olympic Day, so I thought I’d try to do as many as I could,” Watts said.

At the high schools, the 30-year-old chatted with students about her story and what it was like being from the area. Watts also talked about goal-setting and how to be resilient in a sporting career.

At the primary schools, it was a bit more hands on, and Watts was able to get the kids active with boxing skills, drills and warm-up sessions.


Watts said she is so happy to have the chance to represent her small town and to be a role model for the children growing up there.

“Sometimes, small towns are tough to come from, and you don’t have someone you can watch and think to emulate!

“I’m very fortunate to be able to be that person now and I make sure I let kids know that it doesn’t have to be in sport, it can be in any and all aspects of life,” she said.

“I want them to learn that self-belief and hard work can get you anywhere you’d like to go and can help you achieve your dreams! If I can help one kid in our community, that’s a win!”


Watts believes that as an Olympian she has a responsibility to inspire. Olympians face setbacks each day but are able to bounce back because of the support they receive, and Watts wants to provide that same kind of support to others.

“We, as Olympians, are the epitome of working hard, being dedicated and working towards achieving something most people don’t believe is possible.

“The Olympic Games show the hard times and the good times, the triumph and the loss, the determination and discipline, and self-belief and the ‘never give up’ attitude. All these things and more is what life is about!”

More than 30 Australian Olympians participated in Olympic Day activities around the country. Check out the photo gallery HERE. 

Nicole Booth

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