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Olympic Athlete Career Program launched

25 November 2011

A new program to assist Olympic athletes to transition from sport to the workplace was launched in Melbourne this morning by the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) and the Adecco Group who have partnered in a determined bid to transition elite athletes into elite professionals.

The AOC has been concerned for some time that when some Olympic athletes finish competing at the elite level they suddenly find they have no career prospects and nothing to fall back on.

This program has been designed to overcome that problem by producing ‘well rounded’ athletes who are learning workplace skills during their sporting careers and can use those skills once they have finished competing.

According to AOC President Mr John Coates AC, “An appropriate life balance is important to our athletes. It supports their sporting performance and prepares them for life after sport. As we all recognise, Olympic athletes are high achievers who can bring wonderful qualities to the workplace.

From an employer’s perspective the well documented qualities and capabilities of Olympic athletes including team spirit, strong commitment and dedication, high energy, motivation and focus, are the very attributes most employers seek,” he said.

According to Adecco Chief Executive Officer Australia and New Zealand Mr Jeff Doyle, “The unique backgrounds and capabilities of Olympic athletes can bring a positive edge to an organisation. Athletes who excel in their chosen sport need qualities similar to those that support success in business.

I am confident that with the support of Adecco clients, our career training programs and follow-up services, Australia’s Olympic  athletes will be able to  live their dreams, not only in the sporting arena, but in their careers also.”

Speaking at the launch this morning, dual Olympic aerial skiing medallist Alisa Camplin said.

“There is nothing more formidable, than an athlete who balances further education or professional work while training for the Olympics. They develop a much wider skill set and take a far broader perspective into the competition arena. These athletes really understand the level of commitment required to succeed and the attention to detail that secures a win - in both sport and business.”

Also speaking at the launch was the first athlete to be placed under the new program. National mountain bike cross country and short track champion Katherine O'Shea, who joined the Adecco Group today as a Business Analyst. “Katherine has all the qualities we were looking for. She is technically sound, has great experience, and is determined to succeed. We are delighted that she is part of the Adecco team,” Doyle commented.

Olympic athletes eligible for the new program will be an individual who:

  • Has been selected for the 2012 Olympic Team;
  • Is in contention for selection to the 2012 Olympic Team (known as ‘Olympic Shadow Team’)
  • Was a member of the 2010 Olympic Winter Team, or
  • Was a member of the 2008 Olympic Team

Employers seeking additional information on the program can email athletes@adecco com.au or call 1300 ADECCO.

Olympic athletes seeking additional information should first contact the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) on 03 9425 0000 or visit vis.org.au for more details.

AOC and Addecco

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