First quad jump for Morris

30 January 2010

Australian aerial skier David Morris has taken a major step forward in his preparation for Vancouver 2010, landing his first quad twisting triple somersault.

Morris nailed the jump on his second attempt while training for this weekend’s Mont Gabriel World Cup.

The progression from triple twisting triple somersaults to quads is significant, requiring a double twist in one of the somersaults.

The staple repertoire of the top level of competitors on the men’s circuit is two different quad triple somersaults, and although it is early days for the 25-year-old AIS/VIS athlete, it does show he is on the way to joining the elite group.

“It was very scary,” Morris said.

“The weather was really cold, negative 20 today, it wasn’t all that pleasant, but I had mentally prepared myself for the quad and the end of the day was drawing near.”

“We were slowly working our way up there and I told Jerry my coach (Jerry Grossi, AIS/VIS aerial skiing coach) that I really wanted to do it because I was so amped up to do it, and if I walked away today it would be a waste of my mental energy.”

“So I was like, ok, I’ll do it, and the first one didn’t really go to plan but the second one was landed and we finished the day on that and that’s pretty sweet.”

“We’re both very happy about it.”

Morris had already made major progress during the first half of the World Cup season, making three finals and collecting his first top ten result in just the sixth event of his career.

He currently sits in 16th place on the World Cup standings, earning that rank with strong execution of his double twisting and triple twisting somersaults.

Weather conditions at the Montreal event will determine whether he attempts the jump in tomorrow’s competition.


Barry White
Team Media Liaison in Montreal

Photo of Morris training in Mont Gabriel courtesy of Lauri Lassila. 


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