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Aussies go down in picturesque Sydney Harbour

21 December 2015

WATER POLO: In a Water Polo By the Sea first, Sydney Harbour was transformed as Australia’s Men’s Water Polo team took out London Olympic silver medalists Italy in a spectacular showcase event.

Despite the Aussie claiming the first test match on Friday night against the inform Italian side, they were unable to produce back-to-back wins going down 14-10.  It all comes down to the final test match now that will take place Tuesday 22 December at Dawn Fraser Baths.

Back from overseas London Olympian AJ Roach said despite the loss against the Italians, it was amazing to play in such an iconic location.

“Thank you to everyone who came down, unfortunately we couldn’t get the win but what a great day to be on the harbor.

“After last night’s game we felt pretty good, it was a bit of a sea-saw game but we got the win. Unfortunately, today we didn’t get the win so we have to go to third and final game at Dawn Fraser Baths.

It has been the first time since the 2015 FINA World Championships that the Aussie Sharks have assembled a full-strength with captain Rhys Howden commenting that is a great start to their Olympic preparations to train and play against the World number 3.

The match was hosted as a part of a 10-day training camp that has seen the Aussie Sharks host the Italians in Sydney and go head-to-head in a three part series.

Game 1

The Australian Men’s Water Polo team, narrowly defeated London Olympics silver medallist Italy 12-11 in front of a home crowd at Drummoyne Pool.

The inform Italian team are gearing up fro the European Championships – but the Aussies managed to deliver strong defence and get the first win as part of three match series.

While the Aussies made their mark early to lead at half time but the Italians didn’t allow the Sharks to pull too far ahead.  Strong defence proved vital for the Aussies with Goal Keeper Joel Dennerley making some critical saves throughout.

“It is always good to get a win, but more pleasing to see us execute a few things we practiced in training,” said Dennerley.

“We’ve been working a lot on our extra man attack and defence it was good for us to execute that in the game.

“We try to keep our game consistent throughout, every moment is a big moment for us but towards the end we were able to fight back to the lead and a couple of big stops at the end.

“They’re in a loading phase at the moment going into their European Championships… they’ve been through heavy training as have we. They are probably a little bit ahead of us in fitness given they are peaking for that tournament but they put their best foot forward so it was a good match up all in all,” he said.

Australian Men’s Head Coach Elvis Fatovic said despite some mistakes in the first half the team managed to calm down and it was pleasing to come away with the win against such as tough side.

“For us this is an amazing 10 days to train with such a strong and good team such as Italy. It is always good to beat someone from the top of the water polo world – I’m happy with the performance,” said Fatovic. 

The Italians are in town as part of the iconic Water Polo by the Sea which will take place tomorrow at Campbell’s Cover in Sydney Harbour with the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge as a backdrop. 

Water Polo Australia

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