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Hoy takes charge early at Burghley

4 September 2015

EQUESTRIAN: Seven-time Olympian Andrew Hoy is the best placed Australian after the first day of dressage at the 2015 Burghley Horse Trials, riding to second position with his London Olympic horse Rutherglen.

Hoy was one of five Australians in action on opening day, with each of the Aussie combinations posting personal best CCI4* dressage scores.

Hoy produced a reliably smooth and attractive test for which he received a score of 37.80. He is marginally behind World Champion Michael Jung of Germany (FisherRocana FST) who leads the field with a score of 34.2.

“I was absolutely thrilled,” said Hoy.

“He (Rutherglen) had a fantastic start and entry, and his medium trots felt great. I was really happy with the shoulder-ins, the circles and the half-passes. He was producing all he could produce.

“In the canter work I was happy but I could just feel that he got a tiny bit tight in some of the canter work and that’s why I got a 37 and not a 33 or 34 or a 32.

“Where he’s (Rutherglen’s) come in relation to where he’s been in the last few years is enormous.”

Hoy is a two-time winner of Burghley and it was the first major event that he won when he moved to the UK in 1979. He expects the cross country phase to once again be influential.

“I’m starting with a horse that is prepared so it is up to me to make sure I get him to the fences in the right rhythm, the right balance and the right speed.” Listen to Andrew’s full interview

London Olympian Chris Burton is also within reach of the leaders as are compatriots Sam Griffiths and Paul Tapner. Burton (Haruzac) is in fifth position after receiving a score of 41.2 while Griffiths (Paulank Brockagh) and Tapner (Vanir Kamira) are sharing equal sixth, each scoring 42.5 penalties.

All three have a second horse to ride on day two - Griffiths will ride Happy Times, his London Olympic and Kentucky World Equestrian Games (WEG) horse which has finished third at Burghley on two occasions; Burton has TS Jamaimo, the horse with which he won Adelaide CCI4* and was selected with for WEG 2014; Tapner has the experienced campaigner and his WEG 2014 horse Kilronan.

“He’s come here on a plan A preparation and he’s firing on all cylinders so I’m really expecting high things of him tomorrow and the next couple of days,” said Tapner. Listen to Paul’s fill interview

Murray Lamperd and Under the Clocks travelled from Australia to ride at Burghley and this is their second consecutive time at this event. The pair is currently in 17th position after receiving a score of 50.30.

Murray’s brother Warren (Silvia) also steps out tomorrow as does 2014 World Equestrian Games rider Bill Levett (Improvise).

Australian Combination Results after day 1
2nd Andrew Hoy Rutherglen 37.80

5th Chris Burton Haruzac 41.2

=6th Sam Griffiths Paulank Brockagh 42.5

=6th Paul Tapner Vanir Kamira 42.5

17th Murray Lamperd Under the Clocks 50.3


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