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Australia's Winter Olympians reflect on PyeongChang

20 February 2018

PYEONGCHANG 2018: Through their own words, Australia's PyeongChang Olympians share what it's like to experience the highs and lows of a Winter Games. 

Scotty James

"I've had a crazy couple of seasons standing on a lot of podiums but this one is very sentimental and I get to fly the Australian flag as high as I can."


"I just wanted to make a change in the way that I approach my sport, my life, everything but honestly it was just the will to come out. I was sick of finishing at the back of the field, I wanted to put in the work and just make it happen and I've done that with an amazing team around me."

"I'm just a kid from Warrandyte that's worked so, so hard to get to where I am."

Jarryd Hughes

"As long as I'm enjoying it and having fun, more results like this are going to come along."


David Morris

"As a career goal I wanted to do that on snow and land it and today I did that… so I'm very happy with that, that's a big box ticked for me. I can walk out of here really proud of this year."

"These Olympics taught me that you don't have to come 1st, to walk away a winner. Humility, class & respect will be remembered for longer than any medal. You can't pass on results but you can pass on sportsmanship."


"I'm proud of a 10th at my 3rd Olympics, and I'm genuinely moved that everyone seems more upset about the scores than me. But we must lose as graciously as we win, and I was simply not good enough for the competition. Don't have to like how it's judged, but must always expect it."

Harley Windsor

"I really want to be a role model. My Aboriginal heritage is part of who I am and I'm really proud of that. It will always be a part of me." 


Barbara Jezersek

"Equaling the best result is a cherry on top of the cake."


Deanna Lockett

"It felt great having all the support in the stands, when I looked up I could see the Australian flags everywhere."

Matt Graham

"It was amazing putting down that final run which was my best run of the night. I knew when I saw the score I was going to be on the podium."


Jakara Anthony

"The whole thing's been a massive learning experience for me and I'll definitely be taking all the experience that I had here going into Beijing 2022."


Danielle Scott

"Years of training and preparation for 3 seconds in the air. My sport can be incredibly rewarding, and on some days brutally tough and unforgiving. It's an extreme sport, and a sport of extremes in every way. I reached the Final of the Olympics and it didn't quite go my way. While it's difficult to put into words how I feel right now, I'm proud I get to represent my country and be amongst the best Freestyle Aerial Skiers in the world. I'm a girl from the Northern Beaches of Sydney who competes on the world stage in a Winter sport. Hopefully I inspire young females to do what they love and pursue the impossible. I want to thank everyone for their encouraging messages of support and the belief you've shown in me. My will to win, desire to succeed and urge to reach my full potential never stops."


Russ Henshaw

"I was already smiling before I did my first run. Just getting there was an achievement in itself and then to land a run was… I'm happy.

"I just didn't want to let (his knee injury) stop me from being here. I wanted to experience it, I'd dreamt about it for so long and I just did everything in my power to get here and put down a run and I've done that."


Jess Rich

"I didn't know if I was actually going to make it so the fact that I was able to just drop into the jump today is a huge thing for me.

"I had to play with the cards I was dealt and I had to choose the tricks that work for me and my injury and the fact that I put them down is the one thing I wanted."


Kent Callister

"It's a good contest, it was going off like a fish milkshake and I was just happy to be in it having a good time so I'm walking away happy, pleased, safe -- it's good."  

Lydia Lassila

"That 19-year-old [that competed in 2002] hasn't changed much in her will, determination and competitive drive she's just learnt life lessons."

"It's been a wild ride to bring the boys along and have them at training camps and just prove that you can do it as a mother ... you can do it all.

"I'm really proud of that campaign that I could manage to do that, it's not easy. It's not easy for an athlete that's 17-years-old with no responsibilities but for a 36-year-old with real-life responsibilities, it's a challenge to make sure that no-one is missing out on anything, that everyone has got their needs met, not just myself."


"For me my story is over and that's ok, I'm alright with that.

"I'm leaving this sport knowing who I am - a very strong independent individual that can get through any storm and on reflection it's been wonderful.

"I've brought my family along for the ride which hasn't been easy but we've benefited and had some wins from this process."

"I took my last jumps last night in the qualifying round of my 5th Olympics. Unfortunately it was a disaster (performance wise) but happy to be safe and sound in a sport that is so beautiful, but can be so brutal at times.
My career has been perfectly imperfect. So many triumphs, many disappointments. But when you look at the big picture, I have loved it all. The celebrations, the life lessons.... sport has been a gift and I'll be forever grateful. Because of sport, know who I am inside and out. Thank you to everyone that has supported my journey. Farewell athlete life, it's been a dream."

Britt Cox

"I went too big and too fast and was scrappy in the middle but I achieved my goal of going for it so that's a positive and I'm proud of that."




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