Theo Boronovskis

1943 –

Judo made its Olympic debut at Tokyo 1964 where three specific weight categories were contested, plus an open category. In the open category, Theodore (Ted) Boronovskis won a bronze medal and the giant Dutchman Anton Geesink won the gold. Geesink's win was a shock to the Japanese as they had expected to win all the four gold medals contested, but in the event they "only" won three and a silver. Boronovskis's bronze medal was Australia's only medal in Olympic judo until Maria Pekli matched the feat at Sydney 2000.

Olympic Results

1964 Tokyo

Open - Men
Round 1 Defeated I. Ryan (IRL)
Round 2 Defeated A. Hachicha (TUN)
Semi Final Defeated by A. Geesink (NED)
Final Placing 3 /

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