Stephen Wooldridge

At Athens 2004, Australia won its first gold medal in the team pursuit since Los Angeles 2004. In the final Graeme Brown, Brett Lancaster, Bradley McGee and Luke Roberts combined to beat Great Britain by over 3.5 seconds. Stephen Wooldridge and Peter Dawson rode in the qualifying round and it was decided by the IOC in Athens that all riders who rode in preliminary rounds, but not the final, would be awarded the same medals as the riders who road in the medal races. At the world championships from 2002 to 2006 Wooldridge was in the pursuit teams that won gold medals in 2002, 2004 and 2006 and the bronze medal in 2005.

Olympic Results

2004 Athens

4000m Team Pursuit - Men
First Round BROWN, G; LANCASTER, B; McGEE, B; ROBERTS, L LTU 3:56.610 Win
Final 1-2 BROWN, G; LANCASTER, B; McGEE, B; ROBERTS, L GBR 3:58.233 Win
Qualifying Rounds BROWN, G; DAWSON, P; LANCASTER, B; WOOLDRIDGE, S 4:00.613 1st
Final Placing 1 / 10