Simon Fairweather

Nine years after winning the world championship in Poland, Simon Fairweather became Australia’s first and only Olympic archery champion when he won gold at the Sydney Games. Between those two career highlights was sandwiched a great deal of frustration and comparative obscurity. Fairweather was 22 and already an Olympian when he won that 1991 world title, and at the time the future looked bright indeed - so bright that a sponsor signed him for a two-year contract. He tried hard afterwards to regain the technique and mind-set that had accompanied that first great win, but his results were so disappointing that he was quickly dropped by the sponsor. 

His participation in the Seoul, Barcelona and Atlanta Olympics yielded no grounds for optimism; his individual finishing places at those Games were 16th, 25th and 52nd respectively. After Atlanta, he seriously considered giving the sport away… until he met the former South Korean national coach Ki Sik Lee, who had been poached in 1997 by the Australian Sports Commission for the Institute of Sport. The Korean persuaded him to give the sport another try, then went to work on his technique and mental approach.

In Sydney Fairweather finally delivered, reeling off bullseye after bullseye from 70 metres in gusty winds at archery’s Homebush Bay venue. In the first round he equalled the Olympic record for an 18-arrow match, and in the 12-arrow gold-medal shoot-out he, performed nervelessly to score 29 out of a possible 30 for his opening three arrows, going on to easily beat American Vic Wunderle. Fairweather became a five-time Olympian in Athens in 2004, but was eliminated in the first round. 

Harry Gordon, AOC historian

Olympic Results

2004 Athens

Individual - Men
1/32 Eliminations PRYLEPAV, Anton (BLR) 137-141 Loss
Ranking Round 658 20th
Final Placing 50 / 64
Team - Men
1/8 Eliminations IND 248-236 Win
Quarterfinals TPE 247-250 Loss
Final Placing 6 / 13

2000 Sydney

Individual - Men
Final WUNDERLE, Victor (USA) 113-106 Win
Ranking Round 642 8th
1/32 Eliminations STEVENS, Juan Carlos (CUB) 170-161 Win
1/16 Eliminations GRANDIS, Jocelyn de (FRA) 161-150 Win
1/8 Eliminations ARIAS, Ismely (CUB) 167-163 Win
Quarter Final TSYREMPILOV, Baljinima (RUS) 113-104 Win
Semi Final ALTEN, Wietse van (NED) 112-110 Win
Final Placing 1 / 64
Team - Men
Ranking Round 1876 10th
1/8 Eliminations SWE 238-241 Loss
Final Placing 12 / 14

1996 Atlanta

Individual - Men
Ranking Round 660 20
1/32 Eliminations TORRES, Lionel (FRA) 154-165 Loss
Final Placing 52 / 64
Team - Men
Ranking Round 1994 4
1/8 Eliminations CHN 243-240 Win
Quarter Final SWE 253-241 Win
Semi Final KOR 234-250 Loss
Bronze Final ITA 244-248 Loss
Final Placing 4 / 15

1992 Barcelona

Individual - Men
Ranking Round 1315 5
1/16 Eliminations VERSTEGEN, Erwin (NED) 107-98 Loss
Final Placing 25 / 75
Team - Men
Ranking Round 3865 3
1/8 Eliminations CHN 238-230 Win
Quarter Final GBR 242-236 Loss
Final Placing 7 / 20

1988 Seoul

Individual - Men
Quarter Final 1276 pts 16
Final Placing 16 / 84
Team - Men
Ranking Round 3688 pts 13
Final Placing 13 / 22