Dick Garrard

1910 - 2003

Along with Eddie Scarf and Jim Armstrong, Dick Garrard is one of three Australians to win an Olympic wrestling medal. He finished second in the freestyle welterweight division at London 1948. Garrard first competed in the Empire Games at London 1934 and finished his Olympic career as a team member, but unable to compete due to injury, at Melbourne 1956. In between, he garnered three gold medals and one bronze medal at Empire Games and competed at the Olympic Games at Berlin 1936, London 1948 and Helsinki 1952. World War II robbed him of his best chances of winning an Olympic gold medal when the 1940 and 1944 Games were cancelled. After retiring from the mat, Garrard continued to serve the Australian Olympic and Empire and Commonwealth and Empire Games families as a manager/official. He is the only wrestler to be inducted to the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

Olympic Results

1952 Helsinki

Lightweight - Men
Round 1 Defeated J. Ward (IRL)
Round 2 Defeated O. Blasi (ARG)
Round 3 Defeated by T. Shimotori (JPN)
Final Placing /

1948 London

Welterweight - Men
Round 1 Defeated W. Angst (SWI)
Round 2 Defeated K. Sovari (HUN)
Round 3 Defeated A. Bhargava (IND)
Round 4 Defeated J. Leclere
Round 5 Defeated by L. Merril (USA)
Round 6 Bye
Round 7 Defeated by Y. Dogu (TUR)
Final Placing 2 /

1936 Berlin

Flyweight - Men
Round 2 Eliminated
Final Placing /