Peter Macken

Peter Macken competed in the modern pentathlon at Rome 1960, Tokyo 1964, Mexico City 1968, Munich 1972 and Montreal 1976, thus becoming the second Australian, after canoeist Dennis Green, to compete at five Olympics. At Tokyo, he finished an excellent fourth in the individual event of the modern pentathlon, a sport that had previously been dominated by the Europeans, and, with Don McMiken and Duncan Page, he contributed to Australia placing an equally meritorious fifth in the team competition. The same team finished 12th at Mexico City.

In competing in the epée fencing team at Mexico City, along with Russell Hobby, Graeme Jennings, Bill Ronald and Duncan Page, Macken joined that exclusive band of Australians to compete in more than one sport at the Olympic Games.

Olympic Results

1976 Montreal

Individual - Men
Final 4352pts (44th)
Final Placing 44 / 46

1972 Munich

Individual - Men
Final 4449pts (41st)
Final Placing 41 / 58

1968 Mexico City

Epee Team - Men
Round 1 (3rd)
Final Placing /
Individual - Men
Final 4284pts (31st)
Final Placing 31 / 48
Team - Open
Final 11 595pts (12th)
Final Placing 12 / 15

1964 Tokyo

Individual - Men
4,897 pts (4th)
Final Placing /
Team - Open
13,703 pts (5th)
Final Placing /

1960 Rome

Individual - Men
Final 3836pts (46th)
Final Placing 46 / 58
Team - Open
Final 11912pts (14th)
Final Placing 14 / 17