Malcolm Poole

1949 -

West Australian Malcolm ‘Mal’ Poole was a member of the Australian men’s hockey team that won a silver medal in 1976. Australia was the favourites entering the final against New Zealand, but a converted penalty by the Kiwis in the second half secured a 1-0 victory. The hockey medal was one of only five medals won by Australia in Montreal.

Olympic Results

1976 Montreal

Hockey - Men
Preliminaries Pool A - AUS V HOL HT: 0-2, Goals: Bell HOL 1-2 Loss
Preliminaries Pool A - IND V AUS HT: 1-3, Goals: Browning, Irvine, Riley 3, Smith IND 1-6 Win
Preliminaries Pool A - AUS V MAL HT: 1-0, Goals: Bell, Riley MAL 2-0 Win
Preliminaries Pool A - AUS V CAN HT: 2-0, Goals: Bell, Riley, Walsh CAN 3-0 Win
Preliminaries Pool A - AUS V ARG HT: 1-1, Goals: Cooke ARG 2-3 Loss
Preliminary Replay - AUS V IND HT: 1-1, FT: 1-1, AET: 1-1 IND 1-1 (5-4) Win
Semi Final HT: 1-1, Goals: Irvine, Riley PAK 1-2 Win
Gold Medal Match HT: 0-0 NZL 1-0 Loss
Final Placing 2 / 15