Lucinda Whitty

22 year old Lucinda Whitty and young teammates Olivia Price (19) and Nina Curtis (24) defied their age to earn themselves a silver medal in the Elliot 6m Match Racing event at the London 2012 Games.

A former match racing World Champion (2009), Whitty took up her role as a bowman on Olivia Price's skippered boat in 2011 along with crew mate Nina Curtis. The crew began competing in the Elliot 6m boat after it was announced that it would debut at the London 2012 Olympics. Whitty and her teammates were selected as Australia's representatives to compete at the London 2012 Olympic test event in Weymouth midway through 2011 where they finished 5th. They then placed 8th at the 2011 World Championships held in Perth.

With some good performances on the board in 2012 the trio headed to their debut Games full of confidence and it showed. Having remained undefeated in the round robin stage of the competition, the trio went on to beat the Netherlands and Finland to book themselves a spot in the gold medal race.

Whitty and her teammates lined up against Spain in the final and with the crews splitting the opening two races disaster struck the Aussies as she fell overboard and the Spanish took the leg win. Australia pulled off a remarkable effort to win the next leg despite Whitty having little time to recover from the freezing Weymouth conditions before they were finally beaten 3-2. The silver medal added to the three gold medals that Australia’s other crews won to ensure that the sailing team was Australia’s most successful in London.

Olympic Results

2012 London

Elliott 6m - Match Racing - Women
Knockout Final Match 1 1:0 ESP - Loss
Knockout Final Match 2 1:1 ESP - Win
Knockout Final Match 3 2:1 ESP - Loss
Knockout Final Match 4 2:2 ESP - Win
Knockout Final Match 5 3:2 ESP - Loss
Knockout Semifinal 1 Match 3 2:1 FIN - Win
Knockout Semifinal 1 Match 1 0:1 FIN - Loss
Knockout Semifinal 1 Match 2 1:1 FIN - Win
Knockout Quarterfinal 1 Match 1 1:0 NED - Win
Knockout Quarterfinal 1 Match 3 2:1 NED - Win
Knockout Quarterfinal 1 Match 2 1:1 NED - Loss
Knockout Quarterfinal 1 Match 4 3:1 NED - Win
Round Robin Match 61 11 pts; 1st POR - Win
Round Robin Match 4 1 pt FIN - Win
Round Robin Match 11 2 pts FRA - Win
Round Robin Match 33 5 pts NZL - Win
Round Robin Match 45 7 pts SWE - Win
Round Robin Match 48 8 pts NED - Win
Round Robin Match 56 10 pts DEN - Win
Round Robin Match 53 9 pts ESP - Win
Round Robin Match 19 3 pts USA - Win
Round Robin Match 23 4 pts GBR - Win
Round Robin Match 36 6 pts RUS - Win
Final Placing 2 / 12