Lee Bodimeade

1970 -

Lee Bodimeade won a silver medal in men’s hockey in Barcelona. A solid international player for Australia, Bodimeade was an important part of the team that performed brilliantly in Spain. Their five preliminary round matches produced four convincing wins and a 1-1 draw with Germany. After defeating the Netherlands in the semi-final, Australia faced off against Germany for the gold medal. However, an early goal to the Germans gave them the edge, with Australia losing 2-1. Bodimeade has since become a respected international coach.

Olympic Results

1992 Barcelona

Hockey - Men
Preliminaries Group A - AUS V ARG HT: 3-0, Goals: Wansbrough 3, Davies 2, Lewis, Stacey ARG 7-0 Win
Preliminaries Group A - AUS V EGY HT: 2-1, Goals: Birmingham, Bodimeade 2, Lewis, Stacey EGY 5-1 Win
Preliminaries Group A - AUS V GER HT: 1-0, Goals: Davies GER 1-1 Draw
Preliminaries Group A - AUS V IND HT: 1-0, Goals: Stacey IND 1-0 Win
Preliminaries Group A - GER V AUS HT: 0-2, Goals: Birmingham 2, Davies 2, Stacey 2 GBR 0-6 Win
Semi Final HT: 2-1, Goals: Bodimeade, Lewis, Wark NED 3-2 Win
Final HT: 0-1, Goals: Corbitt GER 1-2 Loss
Final Placing 2 / 12

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