Laurie Lever

In 2008, Laurie Lever became one of three Australians at the time to have competed at the Olympics over the age of 60 (with James Roycroft and Harold Brooke). Lever made his Olympic debut in 2008 as the oldest member of the Beijing Team. He competed in both the team and individual jumping events, finishing seventh and 23rd respectively. Lever started riding at the age of 10 and he and his wife run an equestrian training centre in Victoria and their two sons are also competitive jump riders.

Olympic Results

2008 Beijing

Individual - Open
Qualification - 1st Qualifier 1 14th
Qualification - 2nd Qualifier 16 (+1) 37th
Qualification - 3rd Qualifier 4 (+17) 29th
Final - Round A 8 23rd
Final Placing 23 / 77
Team - Open
Round 01 20 7th
Qualification - 1st Qualifier 9 8th
Round 02 41 7th
Final Placing 7 / 16

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