Ethan Warren

Ethan Warren's selection to the 2012 Olympic Team was a feat against the odds. Midway through 2011, Warren was rushed to hospital and was diagnosed with myocarditis- an inflammation of the heart caused by infection. He spent a week in hospital and then had 3.5 months off training and missed the 2011 World Championships.

Warren showed proof of his remarkable recovery in 2012, by finishing fourth at the London Test Event in the 3m springboard with a score of more than 500 points for the first time in international competition. He qualified for the 2012 London Olympics and finished 11th in the 3m springboard semi-finals to make the Olympic final at his debut Games. Warren eventually claimed seventh place as Russia’s Ilya Zakharov China’s Qin and He for gold.

Olympic Results

2012 London

3m Springboard - Men
Final 488.95 7
Semifinal 456.85 Q 11
Preliminary 441.50 Q 15
Final Placing 7 / 29