Edward Peirce

Edward Peirce is a triple Olympian in water polo, having competed at the Melbourne 1956, Rome 1960 and Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games.

Although not concerning the Australian Team, the men's water polo tournament at the Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games is the most famous in history, having seen the "Blood in the Water" semi-final match between Hungary and the Soviet Union. The Hungarian revolution started as athletes left for the Games, and they were crushed by the Soviet army. The match erupted into violence when a member of the Soviet Union team said the word "facist" across the water. A punch-up occurred in which Hungary's Ervin Zador suffered a badly gashed eye. Hungary led 4-0 before the games was called off in the final minute because of the violence.

Olympic Results

1964 Tokyo

Water Polo - Men
Preliminary Defeated by USSR 6-0
Preliminary Defeated by GER 3-1
Final Placing 11 / 13

1960 Rome

Water Polo - Men
Preliminary Defeated by YUG 6-2
Preliminary Defeated by NED 5-3
Preliminary Defeated by RSA 3-2
Final Placing 11 / 12

1956 Melbourne

Water Polo - Men
Preliminary Defeated by ROM 4-2
Preliminary Defeated by YUG 9-1
Preliminary Defeated by USSR 3-0
Loser Round Defeated by GBR and Northern Ireland 5-2
Loser Round Defeated Singapore 3-2
Loser Round Defeated by ROM 4-2
Final Placing 9 / 10