Denise Boyd

Raelene Boyle and Denise Robertson were the two greatest Australian women sprinters throughout the 1970s and early 1980s. Roberson’s first Olympic Games was at Montreal 1976 where she finished seventh in the 200 metres, fifth in the 4 x 100 metres relay (with Boyle, Debbie Wells and Barbara Wilson). 

At Moscow 1980, she was the Australian team’s joined flag-bearer, with Max Metzker, at the opening ceremony. At those boycott-ravaged Olympics, Australia was one of sixteen teams that marched behind the Olympic flag. On the Moscow track, Robertson again finished seventh in the 200 metres and competed in the semi-finals of the 100 metres. A three-time Commonwealth Games competitor (Christchurch 1974, Edmonton 1978, Brisbane 1982), Robertson garnered two gold, three silver and three bronze medals. 

Her pole vaulting husband, Ray Boyd, was a dual Olympian and a triple Commonwealth Games competitor. Their daughter, Alana, competed in the women’s pole vault at Beijing 2008 and London 2012

Olympic Results

1980 Moscow

100m - Women
Qualifying 11.56 (2nd)
Quarter Final 11.35 (4th)
Semi Final 11.44 (8th)
Final Placing 12 / 40
200m - Women
Qualifying 23.36 (2nd)
Quarter Final 22.91 (5th)
Semi Final 22.80 (3rd)
Final 22.76 (7th)
Final Placing 7 / 41

1976 Montreal

100m - Women
Qualifying 11.50 (5th)
Quarter Final 11.56 (6th)
Final Placing 20 / 40
200m - Women
Qualifying 23.23 (2nd)
Quarter Final 23.12 (3rd)
Semi Final 22.91 (3rd)
Final 23.05 (7th)
Final Placing 7 / 44
4 x 100m Relay - Women
Qualifying Dell & Wandman DNC 43.67 (4th)
Final 43.18 (5th)
Final Placing 5 / 10