David Mari

David Mari made his Olympic debut at the PyeongChang 2018 Games in the men’s 2man and 4man event bobsleigh event alongside pilot Lucas Mata.

Mari’s sporting career started in gymnastics as a 5-year-old, before he moved into basketball and eventually sprinting which led him to pilot Lucas Mata. Mata and Mari finished in a respectful 22nd place in the 2man event recording their fastest time on the South Korean track of 49.87 seconds in their third and final run. 

In the four-man event, the Aussie boys finished in 25th place just +3.39 seconds behind the gold medallists from Germany. Mata introduced Mari to the sport of Bobsleigh and the youngster made his international debut at the North America Cup in Calgary 2015, before entering the World Cup circuit in 2016 at the 2010 Olympic Track in Whistler, Canada.

Born in Milan, Italy, Mari recently recorded his career highlight at the St Moritz World Cup in Switzerland. Mari described the track as “the most beautiful and only natural track in existence, the true roots of bobsleigh.” The Swiss track was coincidentally the 22-year-old’s most recent performance which resulted in the best World Cup 2man result from Mata and Mari.

When he’s not competing, Mari loves the beach and spending time with his friends, particular his mate Adrian and his boat.

Olympic Results

2018 PyeongChang

Four-man - Men
Heat 1 +1.18 49.72 22
Heat 2 +0.90 49.91 23
Heat 3 +1.31, Total: 2:29.70 50.07 27
Final Placing 25 / 29
Two-man - Men
Heat 1 +0.80 49.88 22
Heat 2 +0.77 50.04 21
Heat 3 +0.91, Total: 2:29.79 49.87 22
Final Placing 22 / 30

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