Daniel Collins

1970 -

Kayaker Daniel Collins teamed with Andrew Trim to win two Olympic medals in the men’s K2 500m event, bronze in 1996 and silver in 2000. The pair had made their Olympic debut together in Barcelona, missing the final in both the K2 500m and 1000m events. At their subsequent two Olympic appearances together they concentrated on the 500m event with great success. In Atlanta, the pair led their semi-final before winning their first medal, a bronze, in the final. Four years later in Sydney they again won their semi-final, only to be beaten by a strong Hungarian pair for the gold medal in the final. Collins made it to his fourth Olympics in Athens, finishing fourth with new partner David Rhodes in the men’s K2 1000m. He has since enjoyed success as a high performance manager and fitness expert in sports including cycling, triathlon, netball and Aussie Rules.

Olympic Results

2004 Athens

K-2 - 1000m - Men
Heats COLLINS, D; RHODES, D 3:11.272 3rd
Final COLLINS, D; RHODES, D 3:19.956 4th
Final Placing 4 / 16

2000 Sydney

K-2 - 500m - Men
Semi Final TRIM, A; COLLINS, D 1:31.475 1st
Heat TRIM, A; COLLINS, D 1:30.393 2nd
Final TRIM, A; COLLINS, D 1:47.895 2nd
Final Placing 2 / 19

1996 Atlanta

K-2 - 500m - Men
Heat TRIM, A; COLLINS, D 1:31.433 2
Semi Final TRIM, A; COLLINS, D 3:01.806 2
Final TRIM, A; COLLINS, D 1:29.409 3
Final Placing 3 / 23

1992 Barcelona

K-2 - 1000m - Men
Repechage 3:20.18 4
Heat 3:24.02 5
Final Placing 19 / 27
K-2 - 500m - Men
Heat COLLINS, D; TRIM, A 1:36.07 4
Repechage COLLINS, D; TRIM, A 1:32.47 2
Semi Final COLLINS, D; TRIM, A 1:31.99 6
Final Placing 12 / 30