Corrie Gardner

Corrie Gardner was one of two male track athletes, alongside Leslie McPherson, that made up the entire 1904 Australian Olympic Team.

Gardner placed sixth in the 110m hurdles and ninth in the long jump. He was a well-known Australian Rules football player for the Melbourne Football Club. He had been inspired to compete at the Games after a visit to his school by Edwin Flack, the Australian who won two gold medals in 1896.

Gardner won the Australasian 120 yards hurdles championships in 1903, and was beaten into second place just inches behind New Zealand's G.W. Smith in 1904.

Upon arriving in St Louis, Gardner was surprised to find that no accommodation arrangements existed, and was directed to stay in a tent community in a park.

St Louis 1904 was the first Olympics after Federation in 1901, meaning true “Australian” national representation was now possible.

Olympic Results

1904 St Louis

110m Hurdles - Men
Round 1 16.4 4
Final Placing 6 / 7
Long Jump - Men
Final Distance Unknown 9
Final Placing 9 / 10