Bill Orchard

Dr William [Bill] Orchard represented Australia twice at the Olympic Games in water polo, first in 1952 in Helsinki, and second at the 1956 Games in Melbourne.


The 1952 water polo team had to pay their own way to the Olympics, with the Australian Olympic Council only covering costs for the half of the 85-strong Australian team, and they travelled to Finland by boat.


At the 1952 Games, the team lost both of their games to finish 19th. The Australians suffered a similar fate in home waters at the 1956 Games, losing five Games from six- with a win over Singapore- to finish ninth.


Orchard accumulated 50 tests for Australia throughout his career. 


A Fulbright scholar, Orchard studied to be a psychiatrist in the US and England and worked in his medical field for over 50 years.

Olympic Results

1956 Melbourne

Water Polo - Men
Preliminary Defeated by ROM 4-2
Preliminary Defeated by YUG 9-1
Preliminary Defeated by USSR 3-0
Loser Round Defeated by GBR and Northern Ireland 5-2
Loser Round Defeated Singapore 3-2
Loser Round Defeated by ROM 4-2
Final Placing 9 / 10

1952 Helsinki

Water Polo - Men
Preliminary Defeated by YUG 10-2
Preliminary Defeated by AUT 6-0
Final Placing 20 / 21