Barry Dancer

1952 -

Queenslander Barry Dancer was a member of the men’s hockey team that won a silver medal in 1976. However, he is likely best known for his role as head coach of the Kookaburras (now the name of our men’s hockey team) when they broke Australia’s long-standing Olympic hoodoo by winning gold at the Athens Olympics in 2004. Having himself been part of a fine generation of Australian men’s hockey players that never tasted ultimate Olympic success, Dancer’s integral role as coach of the 2004 gold medallists was all the more emotional and significant.

Olympic Results

1976 Montreal

Hockey - Men
Preliminaries Pool A - AUS V HOL HT: 0-2, Goals: Bell HOL 1-2 Loss
Preliminaries Pool A - IND V AUS HT: 1-3, Goals: Browning, Irvine, Riley 3, Smith IND 1-6 Win
Preliminaries Pool A - AUS V MAL HT: 1-0, Goals: Bell, Riley MAL 2-0 Win
Preliminaries Pool A - AUS V CAN HT: 2-0, Goals: Bell, Riley, Walsh CAN 3-0 Win
Preliminaries Pool A - AUS V ARG HT: 1-1, Goals: Cooke ARG 2-3 Loss
Preliminary Replay - AUS V IND HT: 1-1, FT: 1-1, AET: 1-1 IND 1-1 (5-4) Win
Semi Final HT: 1-1, Goals: Irvine, Riley PAK 1-2 Win
Gold Medal Match HT: 0-0 NZL 1-0 Loss
Final Placing 2 / 15