Angie Darby

Angie Darby did not have an easy ride to the Beijing Olympics, with her selection appealed by Greek athlete Donna Vakalis. Vakalis lost an appeal against Darby, heard by the sport's governing body but maintaining that Darby's qualification score for the Olympics was ineligible, took the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Darby eventually won her case, with her position on the Team confirmed just days before the Games began. Darby’s strongest leg in the tough Beijing competition was her showjumping, placing seventh.

Olympic Results

2008 Beijing

Individual - Women
Shooting 904 pts 164 36th
Fencing 688 pts 12V - 23D 31st
Swimming 1056 pts 2:35.59 35th
Riding 1172 pts 67.23 7th
Running 996 pts; TP: 4816 pts 11:21.96 31st
Final Placing 35 / 36

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