Alan Grover

1944 -

Alan Grover coxed Robert Shirlaw, Gary Pearce, John Ranch, David Douglas, Peter Dickson, Joseph Fazio, Michael Morgan and Alf Duval to the silver medal, behind West Germany, in the men’s eights at Mexico City 1968. This was the best performance by an Australian sweep-oared crew at the Olympic Games until the advent of the Oarsome Foursome at Barcelona 1992. The fast finishing Australians just failed to catch the highly credentialed West Germans, after leaving other fancied crews, from the USSR and New Zealand, in their wake. The eight rowers from the victorious West German crew went on to carry the Olympic flag into the main stadium during the opening ceremony at Munich 1972.

Except for David Douglas, from Victoria, the crew came from the successful NSW outfit that won the 1968 King’s Cup. Grover competed at three Olympics (Tokyo 1964, Mexico City, Munich) and eventually, in business life, became a long-time employee of the Australian Olympic Committee - retiring in 2012 after 25 years of service.

Olympic Results

1972 Munich

Eight - Men
Heat 3 6:14.75 (4th)
Repechage 1 6:09.75 (1st)
Semi Final 2 6:34.82 (5th)
Final B 6:22.45 (2nd)
Final Placing 8 / 15

1968 Mexico City

Eight - Men
Heat 1 6:06.87 (2nd)
Repechage 2 6:10.80 (1st)
Final 6:07.98 (2nd)
Final Placing 2 / 12

1964 Tokyo

Four - Men
Heat 1 7:00.16 (4th)
Repechage 3 7:17.04 (3rd)
Final B 6:48.45 (4th)
Final Placing 10 / 16