Founded in 2007, airweave, a premium mattress brand, has been offering comfortable support for the best possible quality sleep. Just by laying on top of the pre-existing mattress, the scientifically supported top mattress will bring more restful slumber through its ergonomic, breathable design, and high resilience which help users turn over more easily. airweave is proven to minimize strain on joints, reduce restlessness while sleeping and distribute weight evenly, all of which amount to a life-enhancing sleep experience that leaves people feeling invigorated and refreshed upon waking.  In 2014, Motokuni Takaoka, the founder and CEO of airweave, brought his innovative Japanese technology to the United States via online sales, and in February 2015, airweave opened its first flagship store in Manhattan’s SoHo district.  airweave is available in other regions as well such as China, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong with further business expansions around the world being envisioned. 

Several-National Olympic Delegations including Australia, the United States, Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.  Nearly 33% of the medaling athletes at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games were members of Olympic Teams to which airweave supplied mattresses. In 2016 Rio Olympic Games, airweave will supply mattress toppers to the Australian Olympic Team.